Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gaetano Sacco is a jackass

So, if you haven't seen it yet, a video surfaced Monday of a pack of Penn State fans violently assaulting Ohio State fans with beer cans and other projectiles. The video was chock full of congratulations and admiration of those who attacked the OSU fans walking down a side street.

What comes around, goes around.

Gaetano Sacco (pictured left, one-half beer away from saving the human race a lot of misery) filmed the video, and posted it to his own YouTube account. You just gotta love idiots filming their own crimes, then PUBLISHING THEM for the whole world to see.

He's deleted his own YouTube account, but his MySpace account is still active in all its' glory.

Penn State appears to be taking action about this, too.....

The YouTube account name of the user who uploaded the video was "crazysacc," which is also the AOL Instant Messenger screen name of Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President Gaetano Sacco (junior-film).

Sacco was reached by cell phone but had no comment.

By last night, all of the videos posted on YouTube by "crazysacc" had been removed, and the account was canceled.

The State College Police Department is investigating the case, but Sgt. Keith Robb, the officer investigating the case, could not be reached for comment.

Frankly, I think the video was disgusting, and the people responsible need to be charged with the crimes they committed, and kicked out of school. There's no excuse for what they did. None.

It'd be a delicious piece of irony for Sacco to lose his space at PSU, where he majored Yes, that's tasty!

But if I can't get that kind of justice, then maybe a car should run over Sacco. Oh, wait. One already did.

A student who was trying to cross Beaver Avenue in front of Canyon Pizza was struck by a car late Saturday night, police said.

Gaetano Sacco, 19, allegedly darted into the street from Canyon Pizza, 260 E. Beaver Ave., and ran toward Penn Tower, 255 E. Beaver Ave. According to an accident report, he was struck by a car, fell to the ground and cut his chin. He was treated by EMS on the scene and refused to go to Mount Nittany Medical Center.

A witness said there was no way the driver, 18-year-old Penn State student Daniel Lecouvre, could have avoided hitting Sacco.

Unless Daniel Lecouvre was in that now-infamous video, I nominate him for College Student of the Year for running over Sacco. Bonus points if he does it again.

And if you're really into piling on Sacco-Shit, there's this note at the bottom of the article about getting hit by a car;
According to a police report, in both incidents, the student pedestrians were intoxicated.

Take special note - the article says Sacco was 19 when he got run over by a car, and that he was intoxicated. What's the drinking age over there in PA again?

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Denis said...

People get drunk, people do stupid things. But, after everybody calms down, they usually realize that they did something dishonorable and feel remorse. But, no, not Sacco-Shit. Instead, he takes his video and posts it under the category "comedy" for the world to see. Yea, that’s just freaking hilarious, sending what apparently were your guests away with insults and projectiles. The scene is reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, except in this case, Jack was going gonzo.

You know, perhaps there was a disagreement that morning or at the party the previous night, but even so, what Sacco and his pack of jackals perpetrated can only be described as cowardly.

However, the reaction of the rest of the Penn State community has been overwhelmingly honorable. They will deal with their own, as will Pitt, where that piece of extra special recipe chicken shit is a student. You couldn’t be content to just let the OSU students walk away?

Sick indeed.