Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hate mail from Michigan fans

For about two weeks, I've been getting excessive amounts of hate mail from Michigan fans. It seems to increase each day, and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why.

I know that college football season is fast approaching, but why all the sudden lashing out at little old me?

The e-mails range from how Michigan is the best ever, Troy Smith sucks, and Maurice Clarett is a criminal. None of them have proper grammar or spelling, and nearly all of them have some derivation of the word "fag" in it somewhere. So why am I getting the attack dogs?

Ohhhhh.....NOW I know. This is why.

Go to YouTube.
Now do a search for "Chad Henne".

The top two results that pop up are both videos to the tune by the Dead Schembechlers, "Chad Henne Is A Joke". Mine is the most watched, with just a shade under 100,000 views.

Near as I can tell, Michigan fans are searching for Chad Henne videos, and when they search for it, the first thing they see is not a very pleasant experience for them. All of a sudden, the memories and the realization that they have won only 17% of their games against Ohio State since Jim Tressel rolled into town, and they get all crazy.

Frankly, I love it now that I know where it's coming from. So here's a little gift for the friends of The BBC.

That's my work, but music and lyrics are by the Dead Schembechlers.

I can't embed it on my page, but if you want to hear 3,000 people sing the lyrics to this song, I implore you to see the live performance on YouTube.

Oh, and welcome Michigan fans. Good to have you paying attention to us again!

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Jim (Annapolisbuckeye) said...

You know, with a little effort, I bet we could move this to number one on google. I just did a search and it came up 10th.

I will put a link up on my site. If we all link to the video...who knows.

At least we could jump beyond the "mgoblue" blog.

Seems like a worthy cause to me.