Thursday, January 04, 2007

Putting an end to the myth

It's the middle of the night right now. Three hours ago, I watched the final moments of LSU's win over Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. It was embarrassing, but not unexpected. It was a complete travesty of what the BCS should be. Notre Dame has no business being on the field of a Bowl Championship Series game.

But more than anything, it should put an end to the myth that Charlie Weis is a great college coach. He's not. Far from it.

When Weis was hired, he was hailed as a master, a genius, the savior of the Irish. To this day, he is still discussed in such terms on national television. And it's time that this comes to an end. Weis cannot win the big game, in fact he cannot even come CLOSE to winning a game against a big team.

In his two years as head coach of the Irish, Weis has lost six games. His losses?

Michigan State, at South Bend, 44-41
USC, at South Bend, 34-31
Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, 34-20
Michigan, at South Bend, 47-21
USC, at Los Angeles, 44-24
LSU in the Sugar Bowl, 41-14

Take another look at the scores of those games. ND gave up AT LEAST 34 points in every game. Ohio State scored the LEAST of all those teams, and you watched that game....ND was not in the game at all.

His wins against big-name schools?

Michigan in 2005, who finished the year 7-5.
Tennessee in 2005, who finished the year 5-6.
Pittsburgh in 2005, who finished the year 5-6.
Georgia Tech in 2006, who finished the year 9-5.
Penn State in 2006, who finished the year 9-4.

That's it. Every "big win" was against a team that had 4-6 losses the same year. THAT, my friends, is NOT the work of a genius.

His other wins, by the way?

Stanford, Stanford, Syracuse, Navy, Navy, BYU, Army, Air Force, Washington, Purdue, Purdue, Michigan State, UCLA, and North Carolina.

Please, college football broadcasters, for the sake of your own reputation, it's time to retire the word "genius" when it comes to Weis' tenure at Notre Dame. He's just not.

- A genius does not call for a fake punt from his own 30 yard line on the first possession of the game, like Weis did tonight. A fool does that. Two plays later, LSU scored.
- A genius of a coach would have been able to make halftime adjustments to counter LSU's attack. In the second half of tonight's game, Notre Dame had one first down. They got it on an LSU penalty.
- A genius of a coach could have at least moved the ball with a Heisman candidate as his QB. Quinn was 4-9 for 24 yards and an interception in the second half.
- A genius does not go for it on 4th-and-2 against A.J. Hawk and the Ohio State defense when a field goal would be a chip shot (the ball was at the 7). A fool does that. At the time, the score was 7-7. Momentum swung HARD to Ohio State after that, and they scored 2 more TDs before ND got the ball within 50 yards of the goal line again.

Believe me, nothing makes me happier than to see Notre Dame get humiliated on national TV. But nothing infuriates me more than hearing how Godlike their coach is DURING the massive destruction.

For the love of God, let it go. He's no longer a great college coach. He had success in the NFL.....under another man's leadership. But that's it. He's void of a college resume that can qualify him as brilliant, and until he achieves one, please cease and desist your high praise. Save it for a more deserving object of praise.


ohio_guy said...

No doubt that NoD is over rated.

Andy said...


And, PS - I like the new look. Dark backgrounds are hard to read. I might change the red to black though and find somewhere else to use red. Just my two cents.

Gobucks said...

Well said. I dislike Notre Dame more than any other college program because they don't earn anything they receive, whether its media attention or BCS bowl bids. As much as I hate Michigan they earn their rewards. Notre Dame is absolute fallacy in every way.