Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm not lazy, I'm just busy

Seriously, this whole "having a job" thing has to go. It's messing up my blogging schedule.

Time isn't on my side, so here's my calls for today's HUGE day.

Outback Bowl
Penn State is going to pull off the upset. Tennessee is a damn good team, but the Big Ten won't let us down in '07. Please, dear God, don't let us down against the SEC.

Cotton Bowl
Nebraska is the most overlooked team on 2006. They'll prove in in '07 when they beat Auburn in a high-scoring game.

Capital One Bowl
Wisconsin deserved a BCS Bowl. A rule kept them out. They're pissed off, and Arkansas will be the victim.

Gator Bowl
I had Georgia Tech, until "academic probation" changed everything. Take West Virginia in their second straight bowl win over a better team.

Rose Bowl
A friend pointed this out to me....this one should be called the SCUM Bowl. After all, it's SC vs. UM, isn't it? Take Michigan and give as many points as you like. They're pissed off and they're going to play their best bowl game in a decade.

Fiesta Bowl
I want to take Oklahoma. I really do. But I'm going to be the guy who likes storybook endings today. Just like I did with Rutgers, I'm taking the team that nobody knows over a Big 12 school. Boise State in a squeaker

Have fun, and I hope you had a safe New Year's Eve!

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