Monday, January 15, 2007

Sigh....oh, well

So by now you've heard the news. Antonio Pittman and Ted Ginn Jr. have declared themselves eligible for the NFL draft. I honestly thought we'd keep Pitt for one more year. Oh, and by the way, was that a FUCKING GATOR on his hat during the announcement????

Ginn's announcement adds fuel to the fire that I seemingly have stoked with my posting of the infamous "nasty little rumor" a few days ago. Let me state this again....I do not take stock on either side of the "is it true" argument. Nor do I think it would have made a difference in the BCS Title Game. I just think it's interesting, and to be honest, I would have been torn on what I would do if my son were Ted Ginn Jr. Sure, I'd want him to play every single down in the title game for my Buckeyes, but unless Lloyd's Of London had set me up with an awesome insurance policy, I'd be tempted to have him sit out on a tender foot.

Either way, the blogs (well, not the blogs, but their readers) are tearing me apart for supposedly making the story up, or they claim I am trying to use it as an excuse for OSU's loss. To that, I laugh.

Anyway, I propose an overhaul on offense next year. Start Boeckman for the first few games, and work Antonio Henton in at QB as soon as possible. Robiskie and Hartline at WR, Beanie Wells and Saine at RB. No, we won't go 12-0, but we could go 8-4 or 9-3 and set ourselves up perfectly for 2008 and 2009.

Of course, that's not my call and I will always leave my trust in the able hands of Jim Tressel. But it's what I'd do at least.

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