Monday, January 01, 2007

Big Ten beats SEC, and Michigan demands a neutral field again

Part 1 - Damn, the Big Ten showed the SEC who is boss today. Penn State beating Tennessee and Wisconsin beating Arkansas were great preludes to the Big Game. If Ohio State beats Florida and sweeps the SEC, will we get apologies from Tommy Tuberville and CBS???

Probably not, but damn, it'll be fun harassing them for the next 12 months.

Part 2 - I can't wait to hear Michael Hart whine and cry about playing on a neutral field and how they were the better team. Once again, they cannot win the big games. It's that simple.

I wanted Michigan to win tonight because I am all about the Big Ten....but that was embarrassing and I think all the whining from Hart and the Michigan blogs will disappear rather quickly now, as it should. They didn't deserve the rematch with us because they lost once to us already, and tonight they showed why they are not a championship-calibre team.

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