Sunday, April 06, 2008

The best things about April

It's finally April. In my household, it means two things.

1) The Spring Game is fast approaching!
2) It's my birthday!

Let's get this out of the way...the birthday is Monday, so get off your damn asses and say something. A guy gets lonely, you know. Gratuitous plug over.

We are less than 2 weeks away from the annual spring game. It takes a special kind of fan to get into the Scarlet-Gray game, and most of those people have their own blog named after a lyric from a fight song. We here at the BBC are no exception. So if you know somebody on the Ohio State Lacrosse team, tell them to NOT go into overtime that day, or they'll get a punch to the noggin. We gots football to watch!

The excitement for the 2008 season has technically already begun (Terrelle Pryor kinda kicked that off strong), but the Scarlet-Gray game is the non-official-official beginning of it all. And with 20 returning starters to a 11-2 squad...well, that's pretty damn thrilling.

Meanwhile, we can take quick looks at what 2008 will bring us.

First, there's the news that Beanie Wells' junior season will NOT be his last. He told the Dispatch that he's staying four years. Folks, THIS is what you get with Jim Tressel at the helm. He has made this University a place where players WANT to finish their careers, no matter what their prospect may look like. Sure, we get the occasional loss (or three like 2006), but this is the exception, rather than the rule that prevailed in the late 80s and all through the 90s.

Did I mention that I hated John Cooper?

Also, if you haven't heard, your Cris Carter jersey is in style again. Mike Doss made it fashionable, and now Terrelle Pryor will do the same thing.

Meanwhile, the Michigan blogs are getting all excited about 3-star recruits, just because they're from Ohio. Yeah, that proves you still have the elite stuff. Justin Boren and Pryor? You didn't want them anyway.

Bo Schembechler is crying in his grave. And Lloyd Carr is snickering at you....just wait and see, you'll plead for the days when you only lost three at home.

So it'll be VERY hard to sleep the night before each game this season. But I've got Ambien if anybody needs it. Let's get it started, baby!


Finally, tomorrow night's game for the National Championship? Meh.

I'll take Kansas, but only because there's this cool guy who comes into the restaurant for every Kansas game (even if it's on ESPN at his home), and he deserves some happiness.

But if Memphis wins, we can say we were the only team in 2 years to beat them in a tournament.

Like I said, meh.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Bithday. You must be young, because hating John Cooper is a lot of wasted energy. He did many good things, including beating notre dame twice and penn state many times. Yes, he also was 2-9-1 in The Game. I was at 10 of those games, so I know pain and hatred and Cooper. He was our coach. Because of the wy he left the program we have Tressel -- a better coach, a better man and a better leader. But I'd rather have John Cooper than DickRod, FatChuck, UrbanCowboy, Joepffa, etc.