Sunday, August 19, 2007

13 days to go

Stealing an idea from MotSaG here.....

13 more days until kickoff 2007.

I know that images of Clarett are sometimes painful for us Buckeye fans, but I see it as such. Clarett was a great running back for us and he helped lead us to a National Championship. Then something went wrong in the guy's head and all hell broke loose. However, when the nasty stuff began to happen, Clarett was kicked off the team. THAT is what makes Jim Tressel a great coach. He saw the signs and gave the kid a ticket to the bench...and when he didn't clean up his act, Tressel gave him his walking papers. So say what you will about Maurice...but you can't say Tressel put up with his activity (unlike Llllloyd Carr does with Adrian Arrington).


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we made a decision long ago not to mention his name on our site.

Watching highlights of the 2002 season really hurts. Such amazing talent absolutely wasted. He could have been King of Columbus!

Jeff Seemann said...

...and yet, it is incredible how much time is spent talking about a guy who only stepped on the field for ten games in his entire college football career.

And I used to refer to him as "He Who Shall Not Be Named". But mentioning him gave me the opportunity to remind people that Tressel handled it better than Carr ever could have.