Thursday, September 28, 2006

Big Ten rankings, four weeks in

Personally, I LOVE looking over statistics, doing a little analyzing, and seeing what comes as a pleasant surprise. Since I've had a little extra time this week, I looked over the Big Ten rankings and found a few facts about where the Buckeyes stand through 4 games against the rest of the conference.

Things that WON'T surprise you;
- Ohio State is ranked #1 in passing efficency
- Ohio State is ranked #2 in passing offense
- Ohio State is ranked #2 in net punting
- Ohio State is ranked #1 in scoring defense

Things that WILL surprise you;
- Ohio State is ranked 10th in rushing offense
- Ohio State is ranked 5th in scoring offense
- Ohio State is ranked 6th in both punt/kick returns

The punt returns and kick returns will get better. But that had better start happening soon, because we need that stage of the game to be a force. The scoring offense will go up, because we will continue to grab 32+ points per game, while teams who have feasted on lesser opponents will have a hard time keeping pace in the B10.

Most everybody expected our offense to be in high gear throughout 2006, and it has so far....but 10th in the Big Ten in rushing offense? I know it's not Pittman's fault, because he is the 11th-ranked rusher in the NCAA.

So where do I place the fault at having such a low Big Ten ranking in the ground game???

Jim Tressel.

Jimmy, please....LET TROY USE HIS FEET! I'm hoping that you have been saving such a weapon while we fine-tune the rest of the game, and that you'll open it up against Iowa. Iowa's got a weak front-four on defense and it should get softened up by Pittman, leaving the option play wide open in the second half. And I know that Tress has been pushing Troy to stay with his passing game. But we are a MUCH bigger threat when teams don't know whether or not he'll take off or pass. ask Michigan or Notre Dame. But right now, they KNOW he's only looking to run. Confuse them. Make them play on their heels. Now is the time.


But if you don't heed my advice, I'll understand. After all, between me and Jim Tressel, only one of us averages 10 wins a season and has a National Championship ring for each day of the work week.

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