Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Big Ten Roundtable Week 2

Each week, all of the owners of sites from the Big Ten Bloggers get together and answer questions about their own team, the league, whatever.

This week's Roundtable leader is Black Heart, Gold Pants. Adam's come up with five questions, and here they are. Let's get going!

1. Week 1's in the books. What surprised you about your team? Are you optimistic? Disappointed? (NOTE: Purdue does not apply here, so these fans must talk about Wake Forest instead)

The coaching surprised me a lot. Normally in a warm-up game, coaches put their starters in for a while, then bench everybody in favor of the second team, then the third team towards the very end. It usually means you're watching two JV teams go at it in the fourth quarter.

Not here. Tressel sat Beanie Wells after his first drive to give Boom Herron some work against starters, then pulled the entire first team for the third drive of the game, going with Terrelle Pryor and a slew of freshmen linemen. Wells, Todd Boeckman, and most of the starters saw more game time throughout the contest, but the backups saw plenty of time against YSU's starting lineup, and that will only serve them well individually and as a team down the stretch.

Yes, I'm optimistic, but obviously that optimism will balance with the news on Beanie Wells' health. Fortunately, that appears to be leaning in favor of the Buckeyes having him back for the Ohio or the USC game.

I must say that I was very disappointed in our punter's complete lack of punts inside the 20-yard-line. You've got to win the battle of field position, and we never pinned them back with a punt. That's inexcusable.

2. Beanie Wells' right foot is definitely the top story in the conference. What's #2?

The #2 story is that late at night, while everyone else is asleep, Beanie Wells' LEFT foot has been hard at work at the Ohio State University Medical Center, harvesting it's OWN stem cells. By tomorrow morning, we should have completed the process.

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic man. Beanie Wells will be that man. Better. Stronger. Faster.

3. Admit it: you loathe DickFraudROFL (né Rich Rodriquez), but when Michigan scored that last touchdown, you were rooting for them to make the 2-pt. conversion.

Sorry, but I can't admit what I didn't do. I wasn't rooting for that 2-pointer, mainly for two reasons. One, my girlfriend went to the University of Utah. She cheers for my team, I cheer for hers. Two, it was SO much more cathartic pointing out that the only quarterback who could have led Michigan to victory that day had already signed with The Ohio State University.

4. Is this weekend's slate of games actually less interesting than last week's?

MUCH less interesting. Here's a chart to prove it, sort of;

Team Last week opp This week opp More exciting?

Indiana W. Kentucky Murray State no
Illinois Missouri E. Illinois hell, no
Iowa Maine Florida Inter no
Michigan Utah Miami (OH) hell, no
Michigan State California E. Michigan hell, no
Minnesota N. Illinois Bowling Green yes
Northwestern Syracuse Duke yes
Ohio State YSU Ohio no
Penn State Coastal Carolina Oregon State yes
Purdue n/a N. Colorado yes
Wisconsin Akron Marshall no

5. Don't you hate pants?

Why, no. I LOVE PANTS!!!!


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