Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The last post ever on this blog

Most of you already know, I've moved The Buckeye Battle Cry to a new domain. It's been running over there for more than a week now, and the reviews all seem to be positive.

Here's that address again - - put it in your bookmarks!

I've been writing truncated posts here and linking to the new site for the past week for one big reason - this blog is part of the Big Ten Bloggers, and we have a feeder (it's in the right column, a little bit down from this post). The new domain was not yet added into the Big Ten Bloggers feeder, but the old blog was. So I double-posted and remained in the feeder that way.

The new domain is now in the BTB feeder, so this old blogspot blog has no further use.

Therefore, this is the final posting on this specific blog. Come join the New BBC at

And thanks for staying loyal to me. The BBC is what you make of it, and I appreciate all your support.

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