Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bowl preview, part 13

I'm packing my suitcase right now while watching the Sugar Bowl. I leave for Vegas tomorrow, and probably won't blog much while I'm gone (hey, would YOU blog much if you were in Vegas on vaca?)

So here's the remainder of the bowl games, starting with tomorrow's game.

- Oklahoma will crush West Virginia. They didn't deserve their chance at the National Championship, and Pitt merely exposed that factoid.

- Virginia Tech will provide a beatdown of Kansas. Kansas skated by all year long, and the Jayhawks loss will provide Missouri fans with a great big "told ya so" for years to come.

- Rutgers over Ball State. Don't be stupid.

- Tulsa over Bowling Green. Did I really have to have THAT game as the penultimate bowl game of this season?

- Ohio State over LSU. You know why.

Vegas, baby....Vegas!

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