Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Urban Meyer is a douchebag

Wow, just wow at what Florida head coach Urban Meyer had to say following his team's loss to Michigan yesterday;
"Well, for those guys who just put in their time and didn't make any real contributions, it's time for you to go. It won't be hard to say goodbye to some of those guys who just went through the motions.

Now for those kids who actually bought into the program, and who made some sacrifices and contributions -- you know, like Bubba Caldwell....he's a graduate of UF and had a great career -- you'll really miss those guys. But just because you're a senior doesn't mean you have any value."
Throwing your own kids under the bus? That's despicable. But we expected nothing less from the man who cried his way into last year's title game.

I work with a guy who is a HUGE Michigan fan. Just before the game, he said he would love to see Lloyd Carr punch Meyer in the face during pre-game warmups, but that he has way too much class to actually do it. As it turns out, by the end of the day, Carr proved he has that class and Meyer proved he has none.


boilerdowd said...

I like Meyer; he snubbed the hell out of UND and I can't forget how great that was.

So which is worse, a coach who "cried" his way into a championship or a team that gets crushed by the guy who cries his way into the championship? I think it's a fair question.

So now Buckeyes are siding with UM fans??? I thought they were the devil. What gives?

Anonymous said...

...and, by the end of the game, Lloyd had pretty much punched Urban Meyer in the face!

Anonymous said...

that's got to be an excellent recruiting pitch for the Gators: "come play for the University of Florida, where your coach will denigrate you without mercy, show open disdain for you (especially if you're a tailback), leave you hanging in pressers and, probably for the low-low price of $10, would beat you blind with a pool cue and leave you for dead in a ditch". Sign me up, coach!

BuckeyeNTexas said...

Urban is a punk but, at least he speaks the truth. UF got beat by a highly motivated and better than average scUM team. They were out hit, out hustled and just beat. UF is a team that lost alot but had plenty to reload with. The problem is that what they reloaded with thought they were entitled to win because of who they were.THE FACTS: Florida got a dose of what tOSU got last year when they listened to all the talking heads and how they would beat scUM bad, stings don't it.

Anonymous said...

I knew he was a pig when he proclaimed after his SEC champ game in 2006, but not yet sure if going to title game ...his victory speech... "the college presidents need to sit down this week and get a playoff together..." then when his one loss team was holding the Ntl champ trophy, did he insist on an extra game with unbeaten Boise state? hell no? foolish pig...does he think college presidents have no better tasks than to do his bidding?

Anonymous said...

Well that game goes to show that QB Tebow should not have won the Heisman this year, but rather Darren McFadden. Tebow got beat by a defense that had struggled all year, getting beat by 4 teams including App STate. If he wins again this year, it is clearly the most meaningless award in sports.