Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beanie Wells meets his new #1 fan

OK, so it's time for me to fawn a little.
Most of my readers know that I'm now managing a downtown Akron restaurant (Damon's/Ohio Brewing Company, if you wanna stop by). Today, thanks to an awesome server of mine, I got a little visit in the restaurant. None other than #28 stopped by.
Yes, Beanie Wells was in for a couple of minutes. Here's your humble blogger with the guy who rushed for 229 yards against Michigan last year;

And I think I took a big chance with this, but we broke out the stepladder and asked him to sign a mural on the wall that features some of Akron's greatest athletes....

Yeah, I know...what if he had fallen? Well, what you cant see in the picture is the two people who are propping him up at the small of his back.

There were about 30 people at the bar behind him, and the murmurs began when he stepped up on the ladder. As he signed it, the applause broke out. It was a pretty cool scene for one of Akron's finest.
The murals will get additions next weekend, as LeBron James will be hosting a private party with some of his friends in attendance....all of the current Cavaliers, Jason Kidd, Kenny Lofton, Lance Armstrong, and many more. Details on that will come forward soon.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, I'm jealous. Dude looks huge next to you. It's too bad that girl had to jam her way into the background making a stupid face. It looks like a pretty good place to eat. I'll have to try it when I'm rolling home through Akron.

Jason said...

That's awesome, Jeff. He probably would have been freaked out if I was posing in a picture next to him because of the massive chubby I'd be sporting.