Friday, March 09, 2007

Ohio State gets a #1 seed, and Wisconsin gets to the Big Ten Championship game

Yeah, that's a long headline. I know it.

This afternoon, Ohio State locked up a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Count on it.

The Buckeyes are 28-3, and you cannot possibly find 4 teams who deserve a #1 seed more than the Buckeyes. Take a look at the rankings and what's happening this weekend, and you will HAVE to put the Bucks in a top slot, regardless of what happens to the Buckeyes the rest of the Big Ten Tournament.

If you can find me four teams NOT named Ohio State who will get a #1 seed, I'll find you a tournament committee who deserves to be shot.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin just earned themselves a spot in Sunday's championship game. It's hard enough to play back-to-back games in the Big Ten Tourney. Illinois played Thursday evening, then played late Friday night, and that game went into overtime. Indiana and Illinois were both so exhausted by the end of their game, neither team had the legs to make a shot from the's nearly Midnight on the east coast, and these guys have to hit the court again at 4pm tomorrow? Forget about it. Illinois is finished. Wisconsin's in.

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