Friday, March 16, 2007

Recap of Ohio State's win tonight

Here's a quick recap of tonight's game.

Ohio State scored the first 8 points.
CCSU hit a three.
Ohio State scored the next 9 points.
Game over.

Really, that was about it. It ceased to be a game at that point. Ohio State was up 17-3 and never looked back, their largest margin reaching 27 points. Oden was on the floor for only three-quarters of the game and he played the most minutes of any Buckeye. Even Terwilliger reached double-digits in minutes played.

We all knew that this was going to happen, so now our last easy game is out of the way. Next up is Xavier on Saturday at 1:10pm.

We'll hear all the stories about how the Musketeers will be looking at this one because Thad Matta used to be their coach, yadda yadda yadda.....bullshit. We're the Number One team in the nation. EVERYBODY is out to get us, and it sure as hell won't take a "former coach revenge factor" to fire up Xavier or any other opponent. If it takes that, then X doesn't deserve to be in the Round of 32.

Fact is, Xavier just pulled one out of their ass against a Mountain West team. Here comes the Big Ten, boys. If you don't elevate your game by two or three-fold, you're looking at a short bus ride home from Lexington to clean out your lockers.

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Jared said...

Great post Jeff. Agree 1000% that the Xavier thing will matter for only about the first 0.0001 seconds of the game. Looking forward to watching the Buckeyes roll into the Sweet Sixteen!