Saturday, March 03, 2007


JD Arney will understand this one.

It's nearly 3am. I have a meeting to attend at 8am and then I have a full day of work, so I tried to go to sleep early tonight. But I just can't fall asleep, and I couldn't figure out why.

Then I remembered....we play That Team Up North (TTUN) tomorrow. I never sleep well before a big game during college football season, and I guess it's carried over into college basketball season.

So while I'm awake, I thought I'd post something about the Buckeyes.....

Most of you know that Ohio State has captured Big Ten Championships in the 3 big sports (football, men's basketball, and women's basketball) for the past two seasons. Unheard of in college sports, really....but the Buckeyes have done it.

But did you know....that in those three sports COMBINED, it has been 1,098 days (three years and three days) since TTUN has defeated Ohio State. Furthermore, in that span, Ohio State has beat TTUN 13 consecutive times.

On February 29th, 2004, TTUN defeated Ohio State 75-64 in men's basketball. Since then, the Buckeye men have beat TTUN four straight times, the women have won 6 straight games, and the football team have beat the boys in Blue 3 straight times.

Now THAT is dominance. Let's continue it in about 13 hours.

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JD Arney said...

Yes, I do understand.

Scary game, but I didn't expect otherwise. Michigan is pretty mediocre, but with all those seniors you've got to expect a tough game.

Finishes off a hell of a regular season for the Bucks. Hopefully it'll only get better!