Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No respect

We've been the #1 team in both polls for about a day and a half, and already I'm tired of the "you don't deserve it" commentaries around the country.

Constant questions about losing to Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, and why-oh-whys as to how we could be #1 instead of those teams, or others, based on the regional home base of the writers in question.

Well, every single article or online message that attacks Ohio State's losses always seems to leave out one convienent point....Ohio State is the ONLY team in the country to NOT lose to an unranked opponent.

EVERY TEAM in the NCAA has lost to at least one unranked opponent. Ohio State hasn't even lost to a team ranked below #8!

- UCLA lost to two unranked teams (a 10-loss Stanford team, and WVA, who is the 7th-best in the Big East)
- Kansas lost to three unranked teams (DePaul was one of them. So was Oral Roberts. Oral Roberts? ORAL FREAKING ROBERTS?)
- Wisconsin lost to one unranked team (Missouri State, who won't even win the weak MVC), but they also lost to Ohio State.
- Florida lost to four unranked teams (FSU, Vandy, LSU, and Tennessee), and they're looking like they are finished. They're coasting down the home stretch without a driver, and the bus is veering into the ditch.
- Memphis lost to one unranked team (Tennessee)
- Texas A&M lost to one unranked team, but they lost to them twice (Texas Tech)
- North Carolina lost to four unranked teams (NC State, Virginia Tech twice, and Maryland)

Oh, I can go on....but you get the point.

Yes, Ohio State did lose to three teams who could get very far in the NCAA Tourney. But you want to bash our losses? Show us your team and their losses. I'll bet you're much more ashamed of your teams failures than I am of mine.

Oh, and shut up.

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Christopher said...

Nice post. It makes me wonder what these guys would be saying if Ohio State hadn't scheduled at Florida and UNC and happen to have lost to unranked Penn State and Michigan State instead. Jay Bilas was on PTI and was basically mocking people bringing up Florida's 2 losses to unranked teams(this was before the LSU game). There's a double standard. No matter what OSU does, it will not be enough for people who dislike OSU and the Big Ten. Remember after the football team beat Miami in the 02 Nat champ. game, people still ripped them.