Sunday, February 04, 2007


As a side note, I HATE Super Bowl halftime shows. "Hooray For Everything" is typically the theme. But DAMN, Prince is rocking the house.

The guy just covered Creedence, Hendrix, and a Foo Fighters song and carried it right into Purple Rain. How amazing was that???

I saw Prince in 1986 during the Purple Rain tour (at the Richfield Coliseum), so I know how amazing he can be. He hasn't lost a step.

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Eryka said...

Best. Superbowl, Halftime. Show. EVER! Better thant he rolling stones better than Tina better than US better than nipplegate.

ONe man, his band and two backup dancers and a doo rag.

I'm not even a Prince fan, but the range , the range. i would pay to see him live.