Saturday, February 10, 2007

Buckeyes escape with win

I will say, that was a scary game. But the Buckeyes did what top teams do...they made the plays late in a tight game and won their 9th straight game, 63-56.

Purdue, as I wrote earlier this week, is no slouch. They BURIED Michigan State earlier in the week and nearly knocked off Wisconsin on their home floor.

But the Buckeyes would be ready for the Boilermakers. At least they were ready when it mattered the most. Purdue gave them a hell of a battle, actually leading the Buckeyes with 5 minutes to play.

Down the stretch, Ohio State's defense got tough. The Buckeyes allowed only one field goal over the final five minutes of the game, keeping Purdue from the upset win. The Buckeyes outscored the Boilermakers 13-5 to close the game.

Purdue is scary. They'll most likely sweep their final five games and get into the Big Dance. I'll expect to see them as an 8 or 9 seed, and whoever has the #1 seed in that region had better be prepared for a second-round war.

The next three games for Ohio State will be easy. At Penn State (10-12, 1-8 Big Ten), at Minnesota (9-15, 3-7), and at home against Penn State (10-12, 1-8). These three games will be the opportunity to tune up for the post-season.

Three easy ones, then the battle at home against 4th-ranked Wisconsin. We close the season at archrival Michigan. Then a possible 3-game Big Ten Tournament, followed by a possible 6-game NCAA Tournament.

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greg456 said...

This team pisses me off. Harris, Cook, and Lewis throw up the stupidest shots. Every time down the floor the ball needs to go to Oden. Doesn't mean he shoots every time, but just getting him the ball will open things up for the shooters.

I've heard that the old guys--Butler, Harris, and Lewis--are pouting because the freshmen are stealing their thunder. I don't know if that's the case, but if so, they need to get over it. Harris and Lewis just play stupid sometimes. And Cook is extremely frustrating. He can't dribble the ball, and he throws up garbage shots constantly. Did anyone else notice that he was hardly on the floor down the stretch? I don't trust him, and apparently neither does Matta.

And while Matta is obviously a great recruiter, I wonder how long it's gonna be before he gets some control over this team that doesn't play a lot of defense most of the time and chucks shots from everywhere with little regard for teammates or game situation.

This team has had 25 games to become a team instead of a bunch of individual talents, and I've seen hardly any progress. Ohio State is NOT the #3 team in the nation right now, and I'm afraid they're setting us up for a big March letdown.

Consistent defense, smart shots, and getting the ball to Oden...those three things will revolutionize this team and make it a serious championship contender. Until then...