Monday, February 26, 2007

Additions to the blogroll

This morning, I made three additions to the Buckeye blogroll. Frankly, I'm ashamed that I didn't have these three up before.

Coach Tressel - Run by Ryan Miller, former Buckeye, this is a site with a plethora of information, and it's all from a true insider. I had the honor of meeting Miller today, and it wasn't until I got home that I realized I hadn't yet added his site to my list of links. My bad, Ryan. I've corrected my error.

My Casual Thoughts - Andy is a Buckeye fan living in Ann Arbor. Poor guy. Show him some love and check out his site....he's a great writer, VERY funny, and he usually posts pictures of hot women. There's nothing not to love about his site.

Pfef's Sports Blog - The Kid himself. Pfef is only 17 years old (despite his claim that he's 250 years old on his profile), and writes like an old pro. He's already racked up some nice testimonials from the best bloggers in the Buckeye Nation, and he has earned the accolades. If blogging was a professional sport, he'd be LeBron or Kobe, the one leaving high school to go straight to the pros.

Check these guys out. You won't be wasting your time!

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