Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shut the hell up, Steve Kerr

I'm watching the Cavs game on TNT right now, and I am realizing that the network has hired a team of morons to broadcast the game.

Example 1 - Danny Ferry has been shown approaching the scorers table to protest a Daniel Gibson three pointer only being recorded as two points. A legit argument, but Steve Kerr claims that Ferry is "clearly desperate for anything at this point". Ummmm, Steve? The Cavs are AHEAD 60-55 at that point in a game they have led most of the night by roughly the same margin. Desperate? Shut the hell up.

Kerr then defends his statement by saying it's "nice that Ferry is paying attention". What a jackass.

Example 2 - Reggie Miller has proclaimed the the Eastern Conference is "weak" and that the Florida Gators would win the conference title if they could play in it.

Example 3 - The other commentator is Marv Albert. Nuff said.

Granted, I shouldn't expect much from a network that has Charles Barkley as one of their anchors at their adorable little newsdesk, but still....come on.

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Christopher said...

That's as bad as watching Ohio State getting crushed by Florida and having to listen to Jimmy Johnson say that Michigan was the only meaningful game Ohio State played in football all year.