Sunday, February 18, 2007

Will they be #1???

By now you know the story....Ohio State was #2 in last week's poll (both AP and USA Today), and Florida was a unanimous #1. Then the Gators got beat by Vanderbilt yesterday, 83-70. Follow that up with an 85-67 Ohio State win over Minnesota today, and you have an interesting situation.

By all normal reasoning, the Ohio State Buckeyes should be vaulted to the #1 ranking. But should they be #1?

I say no. In my eyes, they are not the best team in the nation. I'm not sure who IS the best team in the nation, but it's not Ohio State at this point.

Ohio State and Florida have matching 24-3 records, and I think that stat, coupled with the Gators dismantling of Ohio State earlier this season will keep Florida at #1. They'll lose most of their first-place votes, but a lot of those will peel off to Wisconsin and North Carolina. They'll still have enough points to stay #1, but they lead will shrink.

My opinion....let's see what happens one week from now. If Ohio State knocks off Wisconsin next Sunday, THEN crown them #1. But not yet.

Polls come out tomorrow.

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