Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quest for 30

I don't have any idea how many teams in the history of the NCAA have entered the NCAA Tournament with 30 wins. I do know that Ohio State has never compiled 30 wins in any season, but the 2006-2007 Buckeyes have that opportunity.

They enter tomorrow's home game against Penn State with a 24-3 record. With three games left on the regular season schedule, they could end up 27-3. That record would give them the first seed in the Big Ten tournament and a bye in the first round. Should they win the Big Ten tourney, they would end up with three more wins and a 30-3 record.

Obviously, a 30-3 record would mean a win over Wisconsin (probably two of them), and would further guarantee a top seed in the NCAA Tournament. At that point, I would write a post entitled "Quest for 36".

So here we go...it's within our grasp now. Can we get to 30?

Penn State would be #25. Let's begin the quest.

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