Monday, March 05, 2007

Poor Michigan....

After being knocked off for the 14th straight time by Ohio State in major sports, the Wolverines have to find the news pretty awful.

The good news - the 8th-seeded Michigan squad faces off in the first round of the Big Ten tournament against 9th seed Minnesota. Should be an easy game for them.

The bad news - If they win, their 2nd-round opponent is Ohio State.

I personally think that 21 wins gets a Big Ten team into the NCAA tournament, which Michigan will acheive with a win over Minnesota.

But they do not have that "signature win", unless you count beating Michigan State last week. Therefore, they may NEED to beat Ohio State on Friday to get in to the dance. Granted, if they do knock off the Buckeyes, they are a lock to make the big dance. 22 wins and a victory over the #1 team will be a sure thing.

So here is what the entire Michigan season looks like, as far as I can tell........

Beat Ohio State on Friday, go to the NCAA Tourney.
Lost to Ohio State on Friday, go to the NIT.

That is a hell of a dilemma, huh????


Christopher said...

I just don't feel the same disdain for Michigan basketball as I do for football. I don't know why but I just don't.

Jeff Seemann said...

Me, too...I think it's because there's only one chance a year to beat Michigan in football. It's way more important.