Thursday, May 17, 2007

Last night

Clarifying my anger with Larry Hughes a bit....I like Hughes. He plays hard and connects well with the rest of the Cavs. He's a team player and he fits in well with the scheme.

I'm not angry at his going 3-17 from the field. What I'm mad about is that he kept shooting from way outside when his shot wasn't on. He didn't even try to drive and force the Nets to collapse inside and foul him, or even better to pass the ball to another shooter left open by a double-team from the aforementioned inside collapse. He only would shoot a jumper. And when he missed his 10th shot, he shot an 11th, and a 12th, and a 13th, etc etc etc. You're on a floor with four other guys, Larry. Try making things happen for one of them. Last year we beat the Pistons in three straight games without you...we're capable of winning without your jumpshot, so when it won't fall, pass the ball to someone who has a sweeter shot, like Ira Newble.

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Mindless Drone said...

I've never turned off a game, and I turned it off last night, that was the worst game I've ever seen.

Fire Mike Brown right now. Did you hear what he did?

1. He wanted LeBron to not be aggressive. Great idea, have the other team not need to guard your best player. Brilliant.
2. He made ZERO adjustments. They ran the same iso play against LeBron 10 times in a row.
3. He just stood there and watched dumfounded.

Done with him. Get him out.