Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh, hell yes!

By now you know. The Cleveland Cavaliers dominated New Jersey for three quarters, and it was enough to win the series 4-2 and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. That third quarter was u-g-l-y, but in the end it didn't matter. The Cavs showed the desire and the heart that they were lacking Wednesday night, and we're on to Detroit Monday night.

I could go over every detail of the game (and over the weekend, I probably will), but I have to send a message to my Cavaliers now.

You are NOT happy with making the ECF. Do NOT celebrate this. Concentrate. Focus.

The Chicago Bulls were happy with winning a first round series over Miami. Chicago is home now, because they got steamrolled. They weren't focused, and they weren't looking beyond Miami. By the time they woke up, it was too late.

The Golden State Warriors were happy with knocking off the Dallas Mavericks. Golden State is home now. Maybe they never should have been in the second round, but they were as good of a team as Utah on any given night. But their lack of focus led to stupid mistakes, and they never recovered from it.

New Jersey knocked off the 3-seed and celebrated it. But they weren't ready to advance to the second round, and the Cavs were clearly hungrier. By the time they snapped into shape, it was too late.

The point is, you cannot EVER be satisfied with what you have accomplished. Especially not now, with the Pistons looming. You'll get your ass handed to you quickly if your focus is not entirely on the next round. Jersey's gone. Forget them.

Concentrate and go get one of the next two games. Recapture the home court advantage quickly and don't give it back. You're halfway home now. 8 wins down, 8 to go.

Tipoff is in three days. Go Cavs!

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Anonymous said...

I expect Cleveland to run all over Detroit this year and take it all. Cleveland is a better team, has better players and more stars. They are destined. It doesn't matter about them going back and fourth all year in their 1st and 2nd place standings in their division. Cleveland is just better and will run all over Detroit. But enough about the Indians and Tigers.

The Pistons are tough but last year the Cavs gave them all they could handle. This year the Pistons are without any spectacular players including Wallace. The Cavs are more experienced and more hungry than they were last year. The Pistons, although have played great all year, won't beat the Cavs this year. The Cavs have a great defense which is all that the NBA playoffs seem to be about anymore. I expect the Cavs to be able to win on the road. They took two in Washington and two in New Jersey. And although the four road wins were against only the Wizards and the Nets, they were still four road wins in the NBA at playoff time. Cavs in 6.