Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mikki Moore's a little bitch

Honestly, if ESPN was debating whether or not Bruce Bowen should be suspended for accidentally kneeing Steve Nash in the sack, then there's no way Mikki Moore survives the flagrant foul he laid on Sasha Pavlovic tonight.

Moore was steaming after a collision between him and Pavs in Game 2, and started jawing about it right away. Then in Game 3 he tried to pick a fight with Anderson Varejao under the basket. Moore's attitude did not cool off with the Game 3 victory, because he took a cheap shot at Pavlovic tonight and drew a flagrant foul. The NBA's gotta step in and sit him down for a game. If they don't, I'd love to see Scot Pollard get two minutes of game time and send the little bitch to the Cleveland Clinic Wednesday night. He's a cheap-shot artist and he deserves to sit down for it.

But on the bright side, Moore's antics woke up the Cavs. We went on an 11-0 run immediately after it, and you could just see LeBron's game elevate. Pavlovic is LeBron's main guy. He loves Pavs, and when Moore tried to hurt him, James took it personally.

With the Cavs courageous win, they snap the Nets 10-game home winning streak and they bring themselves one win away from their third-ever Conference Finals appearance.

So now we get to win this series at home in 5 on Wednesday night. Tipoff is at 8pm.

Incidentally, the Cavaliers have not won a playoff series on their home court since 1993, when they beat.....New Jersey at home in Game 5. That sounds like fun. Let's do it again.

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Anonymous said...

Just to talk about that foul, yes according to the rules it was a flagrant. Sasha's tackle of Richard Jefferson on one play and flying knee while going for a block on RJ in game three were questionable as well (the first there was no attempt at going for the ball just a takedown). Boki Nachbar also got leveled by Gooden and Varejao in same quarter of that game. Gooden undercut him with no chance on the play going to the basket.
Cleveland established themselves as the more physically aggressive team from the first game. When players go out of there way for contact (forearms, elbows, undercutting etc.) which they have done so far in this series, they better well expect to get leveled at some point. You might have noticed Pavlovic got an offensive foul in the first half for repeatedly forearming Moore while both were coming down in the backcourt.
Cleveland's playing a very physical game against the Nets which is the way to beat them. It's smart on their part for taking their strengths (size) and utilizing them. Also it's good practice for the next round, because I can tell you right now Detroit plays with a defensive mindset like the Spurs. So expect the same thing every night in the ECF, especially with the way Pavlovic and Varejao play.