Thursday, May 10, 2007


When I originally started this blog, it was all about the Buckeyes. I went from an incredible football season to an incredible basketball season, and Buckeye fans rewarded me by visiting The BBC hundreds of times a day.

Since then, I've transformed The BBC into a Cleveland sports blog, mainly the Cavaliers and a little bit Browns. As summer hits, I'll turn towards the Indians. When late August/early September gets here, it'll be back to Buckeye football in full force.

Since my initial number of fans have begun to dwindle, I can only assume that the majority of you visited for Buckeye news and opinion. My apologies, but I'm not the best guy at analyzing recruits and discussing the spring game. Anything I could tell you about such topics can be discussed MUCH more professionally at any of the pages listed in my blogroll. Plus, anything I would be able to tell you would come directly from the authors of those blogs anyway.

I'll be sticking with Cleveland sports news for the next few months, so if that's your flavor, spread the word to your friends. If you're all about the Buckeyes and don't care much for Cleveland, I'd love it if you visited the names you see to the right of this column. It's an eclectic collection of writers, and they deserve your time.


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Art Dinkin said...


I am a huge Buckeye fan, but not much of a NBA fan. I am not visiting your site everyday like I used to, but I am reading your posts on the RSS feed. I think your correct. Traffic will increase once football is in the air again.


Art Dinkin