Saturday, February 23, 2008

Inspiration lost?

As you might have read earlier this week, Buckeye Commentary was going to call it quits. Keith has been writing at that site for a long time, and in his own words he was "tapped out".

When I first read that, I was bummed out and began to write a tribute to Buckeye Commentary. But I couldn't finish it. How do you pay proper closing tribute to one of the sites that originally made you want to blog? It's heartbreaking to say the least. I guess I couldn't finish it because I didn't want to close that chapter just yet.

Before I had The BBC, I was making highlight videos of the Buckeyes. It's no secret that my first video used a lot of clips that were downloaded from Buckeye Commentary. Without Keith, my start in the blogging community is not possible.

Eventually, I began full-game downloads (courtesy TimBUCK 2 at Buckeye Planet), and started editing my own highlights out of the larger file and used those as my basis for later videos. I managed to give Keith's bandwidth a bit of a rest, but I never missed a day of his writings.

Well, BC is not going to die away after all. Keith is no longer going to be running the site, but he has chosen his successor, Massey.

Here's a toast to Keith. We all wish him well in whatever he does in life, and may Massey continue at Buckeye Commentary with the same passion and delight.

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