Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where will YOU be at 12:05 tomorrow afternoon?

I already have my place to watch the announcement tomorrow....

Terrelle Pryor has announced that he will disclose his college of choice on Wednesday afternoon, a few minutes after Noon. It's down to three schools, Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan. Frankly, I doubt that Penn State is even in the running, but it's still among his listed schools.

What's it gonna be, Terrelle? Are you going to Olde Tex, or U.C.C?

It means a lot to both OSU and UM. But I think it means A LOT more to Michigan....if they don't get Pryor, they're stuck with one quarterback. He's some kid named Threet, who has never taken a snap in college. And he was going to be behind Ryan Mallett, so how scary could he be? If they get Pryor, they've got a star right from the start, and if they don't get him they are saddled with HUGE problems on the offensive side of the ball.

If Ohio State doesn't sign Pryor, we have get ready and prepare for the rivalry to take a new turn. Pryor would play to our weaknesses on defense, and we'd have ourselves some trouble defending him. But if we DO get him, we've got two bonuses. One, we've got ourselves a quarterback controversy in 2009 between Pryor and Antonio Henton. Two, we kept him away from Michigan. That alone is worth it's weight in sweet, sweet gold.

So saddle up boys and girls...tomorrow's a big, big day!

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Anonymous said...

It's been announced that Pryor will not announce today and will surprisingly take a visit to Penn State.