Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pryor's non-sign - Bad for OSU, worse for Michigan

When Terrelle Pryor decided to hold off on his decision this morning, it disappointed a lot of college football fans around the midwest. But the story between the lines runs pretty deep.

Pryor had been set to sign with Ohio State, and he has now decided to take a longer look at Penn State and Oregon. He now has until April 1st to make his choice or he cannot play college football in 2008. Word is that he'll decide much sooner than the NCAA deadline of 4/1.

Ohio State was his first choice, but it's now been pushed back to a "possible selection" with Oregon and PSU getting another look. That's not good for the Buckeyes, but all we have to do now is hope that we put on a good enough presentation than the Ducks or Lions.

But Michigan....they're on life support right now. They were already 2nd on the list according to all the experts and friends close to Pryor. Now the Wolverines have to pray that Oregon and Penn State do not impress much, and THEN pray that somebody ELSE convinces Pryor to give on Ohio State, the school that he was "within hours of signing with".

Translation - Michigan, start warming up Threet at QB. He's your man. Pryor will be playing at Michigan Stadium sometime in 2009....that's the next time that either PSU or OSU comes to the Big House for a game.

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