Sunday, February 03, 2008

New York Giants - 1, Bill Belichick's ego - 0

OK, let me get this out of the way....I was wrong. I said that the Giants would never win this game, and I was wrong.

That being said, let me just say this.....the New England Patriots are the 2nd-biggest chokers in the history of sports. UNLV losing in the Final Four back when I was a teenager is still tops (they were something like 34-0 and hadn't been in a game decided by less than ten points all year). When you're 18-0 and favored by 2 TDs over a team that shouldn't even be in the Super Bowl, you'd better win. They didn't, they get the silver medal for all-time chokes.

But the reason for this defeat? Bill Belichick's ego.

The Patriots had the ball at the Giants 31-yard line in the 3rd quarter, and faced a 4th-and-18. Their kicker is a young stud who can kick it from beyond 50 yards easily, and there's NO FREAKING WIND in the dome. The Pats didn't kick that FG because Belichick thinks his team can score anytime they want anywhere they want....and it bit him in his oversized classless ass.

Had Belichick actually COACHED this game instead of merely sit back and expect to win, he'd have sent his kicker onto the field. But those of us who know BB and all his whiny-baby attitude (example - Browns fans who remember Bernie Kosar's final pass on the lakefront), well, lets just say we are enjoying this moment.

Belichick's ego couldn't even allow him to stay on the field with his team for the final play. He high-tailed it into the locker room with one play left in the game. That's low-class, and richly deserving of Belichick.

I for one enjoyed every second of the game, watching that historical defeat. My hat is off to the New York Giants. Long live Eli Manning, who began the season as my Fantasy Football QB, but pissed me off so badly that I traded him for David Garrard. It was a good move, since my season ended in Week 15, but I'm glad the Giants didn't give up on him so easily.

Oh, and one last note to Tom Brady....remember when you laughed at Plaxico Burress for predicting a 23-17 Giant win? Here's what you said....

"We're only going to score 17 points?" Brady said before chuckling about it. "OK. Is Plax playing defense? I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for scoring more points."

You WISH you had scored 17.

So go back to your fancy cars, and your designer clothes, and Victoria Silvestedt, Playmate of the Year.....


T-Mill said...

Couldn't happen to a better team. I for, one, wanted to see Strahan on the podium drop his pants, say "I have your perfection right here," then immediately write a check for the fine to Goodell...

rick@waitingfornextyear said...

Welcome back Jeff. Just did an interview with MGoBlog at the new site, you should check it out.