Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Game 2

While I'm not at all worried about Game 2 tonight, I pray that my boys in wine and gold do not share my relaxation.

No, Washington does not have the weapons, nor the motivation to knock off the 2nd best team in the Eastern Conference. I have no doubts regarding the Wizards' inability to steal four games away from the Cavs. We'll win this series and move on to the conference semifinals.

I believe that they do not have the motivation or the weaponry NOW to take the series. They're on their heels, hoping for a miracle (or at least a quick and painless death).

But you know what could change all that? A Wizards victory at The Q tonight.

Suddenly, the series would be tied at 1-1. The next two games are at home for Washington. Their crowd, sensing upset, would be hitting higher decibels than they've heard in a long time.

And with Caron Butler talking of a Game 3 return, they'd get a weapon back. His return would be mostly an emotional lift, Butler could still hit some key shots (despite being far less than 100%).

Just like that. They'd get motivation and a weapon back on their side. All because of one win.

Yes, tonight's game is important. Washington may be a walk in the park on the way to the second round, but if we treat them like that, they could suddenly turn into a nightmare that we never saw coming.

Something along the lines of Air Force beating Ohio State in the 1990 Liberty Bowl. Get THAT image in your head, and think about what you'd do to stop that awful moment in history.

If you have tickets to tonight's game, you'd better be loud. If you're watching it at a bar or a restaurant, get into the game. The table sitting next to you knows it's playoff time.. If you're a Cavalier and are reading this before the game, get your freaking uniform on and stop reading an insignificant blog. You've got a game to win, for crying out loud.

Get crazy tonight. Game 2 awaits. Tipoff is in 3.5 hours.

Go Cavs!

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