Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Many people expect me to be broken-hearted today, after losing to Florida in the National Championship again. Fact is, I'm not. I'm proud of my Buckeyes.

Disappointed, sure. But VERY proud. Florida has officially become a new rival, but I'm still proud.

As you all know, I created this blog because I'm a Buckeye fan. I've long been a reader of MotSaG and Buckeye Commentary. Before the 2006 football season, I began scanning the blogrolls on those sites and found more Buckeye fans with excellent sites, all of which can be found to the right of this sentence. Having been all-too familiar with how amazing the blogosphere can be, I decided to start my own Ohio State site.

The Buckeyes have graced my life with an amazing year of sports, and given me the opportunity to write about it all. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to write about winning over and over again. I haven't been forced to write 118 different stories about a possible new head coach (one who is so amazing that he led his team to 66th place in the NCAA). I'm grateful that the Buckeyes gave me win after win after win after win.

So today I am proud. How could I NOT be proud?

And since I'm the guy who loves to go over statistics, let me show you one that you'll adore.

Over the past year, the Ohio State football and men's basketball team has a record of 47-5.

Hell, we're 47-2 against teams not named Florida.

But even better than that.....we're 4-0 against teams named Michigan.


Art Dinkin said...

Jeff, Well said. In fact I think I am going to print out today's entry and give it to the next person who asks me how I'm doing.

Art Dinkin
OSU 83-87
(now living in Iowa which is at least Big 10 country)

POJO_Risin said...

I don't want it to end.

I want the football team to find a way back...

I want Oden and Conley back to ensure another run...although we may have one as long as Matta keeps recruiting 5 top 50 players every year...

I am damn spoiled.


I'm an Ohio State fan...

Not as spoiled as...hell...I'll say it...as

THAT SCHOOL DOWN SOUTH (newly minted and copyrighted by the DOJO)

but we'll get there.

Be the standard bearer now Florida, because when we take it, you won't get it back.

Drew said...

Jeff, I agree with Art. Very well said.

Thanks for being a great Buckeye!