Saturday, April 28, 2007

Please, Browns.....Don't buy the hype

We're about 15 minutes away from the Cleveland Browns being on the clock with the third pick in the NFL draft.

Let me make one final pitch....please, Cleveland....don't buy the Brady Quinn hype. He's not a good quarterback.

Take Joe Thomas. Give yourself a star lineman right now. I'd rather have a good offensive line protecting an average quarterback than a bad QB running for his life.

UPDATE - OH...HELL...YES!!!!!!

I never got to hear the name "Joe Thomas" announced from the podium. As soon as the words "offensive tackle" were spoken, I leapt to my feet and screamed "YES!!!!!!" as loud as I could.

As for the fans who are angry with this pick, I can only say that I have sat through this team drafting high-profile players who continually get clobbered in the backfield. Year after year, the big complaint is "they need an offensive line". Folks, they just drafted a KEY player in that offensive line they have always needed. To hell with the high profile name or the QB who just happens to live near Cleveland, so why not draft him. It's EASY to take the guy who gets all the camera time and get the big cheers from the crowd gathered to watch. It takes courage and brains to go get the guy who will quietly be the man protecting our playmakers.

And as for Brady Quinn....Stanford does not play in the NFL. Neither does BYU, Army, Navy, or Air Force. Had Quinn shown the ability to win big games in college, I might have been in line with drafting him to the Browns. But he had years of chances against the best collegiate teams, and failed over and over and over again.

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