Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I hate the early stages of the NBA Playoffs. No, wait, I don't.

Actually, I love many things about the NBA Playoffs....but the sheer number of games mean that it must be spread out over a lengthy period of time. That ends up forcing teams to have two full days off (even between home games), which kinda gets under my skin.

However, I'm nothing if I don't have the ability to understand both sides of the story. The NBA has to schedule between 32 and 56 first-round games, and each one does deserve a full television audience. Therefore, each team will see a little additional time off between games. It makes sense. Plus, the NBA has yet to ask me if they can avoid "kinda getting under my skin". Until they do that, I have to balance my love for the Cavs with the NBA and their scheduling issues.

Yet, I can't help but be happy about a two-day rest for the Cleveland/Washington series. Everybody who watched Game 1 winced when they saw the replay of LeBron James rolling his ankle on an 8-foot shot. Personally, my heart skipped several beats when he didn't get up right away, and I anxiously shifted about as the commercials kept me from seeing how easily our hero would return to his feet.

James laid on the floor for a few minutes, and did not come out of the game until the fourth quarter, but these type of injuries are actually worse after a night's sleep. So when I read on Monday that James was hobbled a bit (and even missed practice), I got a bit worried. I found myself somewhat overjoyed with a two-day rest period between games, hoping that an additional 24 hours would allow enough time to heal the injury.

Today's news is a big relief. LeBron says he will play in Game 2, after declaring himself at "about 80%" early this morning.

Although it was pure coincidence, this is the one time I will not complain about too much time off between games.


If you find yourself jonesing for the best Cavs highlights of the year, you can find the Top 6 plays over at Cavs Nation. They're asking for fans to vote on their favorite play of the year. The options;

- LeBron dunking over Tim Duncan
- LeBron dunking from the baseline against NO/Oklahoma City
- Anderson Varejao's dunk at the buzzer against Toronto
- Z's behind-the-back pass, leading to a LeBron dunk against NJ
- LeBron's 83-foot buzzer beater at Boston
- LeBron's game-winning blocked shot against Rip Hamilton

I voted for the 83-footer.

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