Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This just in....things could get more f-ed up!

I obsess over stats, forgive me.

The Cavs and Bulls are currently tied for second place in the East, as you read yesterday. The Bulls hold the tiebreaker....they split the season series, but have a better division record, so they'd get the 2nd seed in the playoffs.

However, a small monkey wrench from north of the border entered the picture recently, otherwise known as the Toronto Raptors. Toronto is only one game back of both teams.

Let's look ahead a little bit....if Chicago and Cleveland both go 3-1 the rest of the way, while Toronto goes 4-0, all three teams will be tied, and the 2nd seed would go to......

The Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to NBA rules, a three-way tie is broken by head-to-head records. The Cavs are 5-3 against Chicago and Toronto, the Bulls are 4-4, and the Raptors are 3-5.

If the aforementioned scenario plays out, the seedings for the NBA playoffs would be;

Either way, I see it all as unlikely....the Cavs and Bulls would each have to lose once to teams they shouldn't lose to, and Toronto would have to beat Detroit TWICE.

But it is fun to think about.....

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