Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's over! The Cavaliers are the #2 seed in the East!

The simple fact is, the Cavs took care of business, and the Bulls choked under pressure.

New Jersey embarrassed the Bulls 106-97, sending Chicago down to the 5th seed.

Tonight, the Cavs overtook the Bulls on the final day of the regular season and get a MUCH easier path to The Finals. If everything holds up, the Cavs get a depleted Washington squad, playing without their two best players. The Wizards are already finished and are a shell of a team, walking like zombies through their final 10 games of the year.

Details on the date and time of the Cavs first playoff game at The Q will come later.

By the way, the Cavs magic number is now 0. They did it!

I'd have to say that New Jersey just sent the Bulls a BIG message. "Not in our house."


UPDATE - The Washington Wizards have won, and clinch the 7th seed. The Cavs and Wiz have a first-round rematch starting this weekend! Damn, that is good news!!!!!

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