Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back in the saddle and ready for a blowout win on Saturday

The last 8 days have been quite hectic for me, and it's not likely to end for a little while. But I'll get into that at the end of this post.

The Buckeyes are 6-0 and ranked #3 in the nation. Damn, that felt good to type. Things are only going to improve over the next few days, as lowly Kent State comes to visit the Horseshoe. The Golden Flashes are 3-3 in the MAC, and even their head coach is hoping to keep it close. Even the guy running the show isn't talking upset? Ok, then.

Kent has only one weapon, RB Eugene Jarvis. Jarvis could crack the 1,000 yard mark on Saturday with a good game (but who are we kidding....nobody's running for 149 yards against OSUs defense). QB Julian Edelman can run the ball as well (60 ypg, to go with 180 passing ypg), but he's picked up most of his yards against weak defenses.

That's about all I can say about Kent State. I'm not expecting much, and neither should you. After surging ahead of the pack in the NCAA, Tressel knows not to allow a Stanfordesque letdown. I would expect him to allow a blowout, much like he did in 2002 when Ohio State beat Kent State 51-17.

Ohio State 54
Kent State 7


Next Friday, I'll be taking a cruise with my girlfriend. Gonna learn to surf in the Virgin Islands, too. So obviously, I'll be taking a week off from The BBC. In the meantime, I'm pulling a lot of double shifts to make some extra bucks to take with me. Translation - lots to do, very little time.

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