Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ohio State-Wisconsin could be an extreme mismatch

UPDATE - Yes, our defense against the run is 4th in the NCAA, while our pass D and total D are both #1 in the NCAA. So maybe the word "weakness" is a poor choice. How about "least dominating attribute to our overall superior defense"? (h/t goes to Vernon Gholston's private favorite blog, MotSaG)


Ohio State's least dominating attribute to our overall superior defense is their rush defense. Wisconsin's strength is their rushing attack.

So obviously, this weekend's game looks like it could be the first team with a legitimate shot at knocking off the top-rated team in the country.

Or is it?

Wisconsin superstar RB P.J. Hill left last week's game with a deep bruise and thus far does not look likely to play. Badgers coaches are "optimistic", but he hasn't yet practiced and it's not looking good for Hill.

The Badgers' second-best RB is Lance Smith, averaging 6.5 yards per carry and scoring a pair of TDs last week against Indiana. But Smith likes to smack around his girlfriend, and is not allowed to leave the state of Wisconsin, so he can't come to Ohio Stadium and play this weekend.

That leaves freshman RB Zach Brown. Brown's only rushed for more than 19 yards once in his career, and he got that against Indiana with a whopping 40.

So it's all on Hill's shoulders (or more accurately, his left leg and foot). If he plays, Wisconsin has a running attack that can hurt the Buckeyes. If Hill sits, Wisconsin can kiss goodbye any chance of beating Ohio State this year.

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sportsMonkey said...

Hallo. My name is Inigo Montoya. You keep using that word, 'weakness,' I do not think it means what you think it means.

OSU is #4 in the country in rush defense... even after playing against two of the top 25 rushing offenses.

I believe it will come down to Tyler Donovan. Coaching is the intangible, however; this is the first meeting between the Vest and Bielima.