Monday, October 15, 2007

Raise your hand if your baseball team has 101 wins this year

I've been lacking in my posts lately, especially commenting on the Cleveland Indians. But I can't hold it in anymore.

The Indians are playing incredible baseball, and have shown the American League that they are the contenders for the title. As much as the media (especially Fox and TBS) wanted a Boston-New York ALCS, the Indians threw a huge monkey wrench into that plan. Now they are messing with the "Boston is invincible" theory.

As of this minute, the Indians lead the ALCS 2 games to 1. And they've done it with timely hitting, great defense, and now with great pitching.

Everything is falling Cleveland's way, and it's about damn time.

Now Game 4 is upon us, and it's a must-win for both teams....and Boston is sending Tim Wakefield to the hill. I don't think they have a choice. The only other option is to send Josh Beckett out there on 3 days rest....and Beckett left Game 1 after 69 pitches, because his arm was getting tight. If you want to know the dangers of pitching a big game on 3 days rest, ask Wang. So it's all in Wakefield's hands. Boston's vaunted pitching is on the ropes.

And speaking of Boston's pitching, was Daisuke Matsuzaka's performance really worth the 101 million dollars they spent to get him?

No. Probably not.

Game 4 is Tuesday at 8pm. Paul Byrd looks to continue his playoff run, after manhandling the Yankee lineup in Game 4 of the ALDS. I think both starting pitchers will have a lot of trouble, and it'll come down to the bullpen.

Damn, this is exciting.

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Brett said...

My wife and in-laws are huge Red Sox fans, which has made for an interesting past week or so... ;)

Anyways, my father-in-law and I think that Boston actually has a different option than Wakefield that no one seems to bring up: Jon Lester. He can be reliable, was already a starter this season, and is at least healthy. Wakefield is returning from an injury and thus hasn't pitched a meaningful game in at least two months. And even when he is healthy, Boston fans don't trust him on a consistent basis to get the job done anymore.

But, regardless of who Boston throws, I say... GO TRIBE!! =D