Friday, October 05, 2007

Holy crap, the Indians looked awesome!

Not much time to post here...still in Utah, and I'll be home Saturday morning. Here's hoping when I get there, the Indians will be up 2 games to none.

If you want a great review of yesterday's dismantling of the Wankees, go to Halftime Adjustments. But here's my little diatribe for the day.

Who else out there thought they were watching Yankee Television yesterday? What the hell? I can't even begin to count all the times Joe Buck would say "this is good for the Yankees" for whatever reason. The part that really made me blow my top was when they discussed how "embarrassing it was to lose so badly, especially when you're the heavy favorites like te Yankees are."

I'm sorry. Maybe I'm not looking at a program from 1977, but my current one states that the Indans are 2 games better then the Yaks, are playing at home, and are the hottest team in baseball (not counting the ones that rhyme with 'Molorado Mockies'). We haven't lost a series in nearly TWO MONTHS, and they're speaking as if we're already swept.

Get over it, guys. You're not getting the Boston/New York ALCS that you're so richly dreaming of. There's a team standing in your know, the one that finished with the best record in baseball?



David said...

Jeff, just to keep you honest -
The Indians and Red Sox both finished with 96 wins, and the Red Sox won the head-to-head contest 5 games to 2.

That said, the Tribe looked great last night - and I'm always happy to see the Yankees lose.

Go Buckeyes!

P.S. what was up with all those gnats yesterday?
P.P.S. A-Rod sprays umpires in the crotch.

J Money said...

That was Chip Caray, not Joe Buck. But I hear ya.