Sunday, October 14, 2007

For the first time since January 7th......we're #1!

Jesus, doesn't ANYBODY want to be #1?

Well, OK then. We'll take over now, boys. Step aside.

Ohio State took care of business today. Weak business, but they still did the job and did it well. Rushing TDs, passing TDs, a defensive score and a special teams score. They hit on all cylinders and won 48-3.

Then LSU decided that they didn't want the spotlight anymore and let Kentucky come back from a 13-point deficit to win 43-37 in 3OT. Of course, when a SEC team does this, it means the whole league is 'teh awesome'. But it still means they ain't numero uno in the real world.

Then, Cal....KNOWING that they had control over the top spot in the NCAA, choked it away....AT HOME....against an UNRANKED TEAM.

Thus, the formerly third-ranked Buckeyes will take over the top spot in the polls. 4th-ranked Boston College had a nail-biter against Notre Dame. Seriously. Notre Dame. So you can forget about a Golden Eagle leapfrog. And nobody will seriously consider 5th-ranked South Florida as a #1. So it's all in Ohio State's hands.

They're 7-0. If they win their last 5 games, they get the National Championship bid.

We don't rebuild. We reload.


The Tribe just scored 7 runs in the 11th inning. Is this the best day ever or what?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, if Ohio State wins their last five games they'll get into the NC game, but that's saying a lot.

Everyone and their dog expected Ohio State to be no worse than 6-2 and probably 8-0 heading into Happy Valley, and most of those people outside Ohio expected a rebuilding year with a very difficult last four games.

OSU reloaded enough to go on the Ohio World Tour plus beat 2 teams with half of a pulse each in Purdue and Washington; that's it. I'm not saying we shouldn't be excited about the Buckeyes, I'm just saying that this team isn't exactly exceeding anyone's expectations yet.

JB said...

The game at Happy Valley again looks like one of the most important games of the year. I can't wait.