Thursday, November 01, 2007

Still no word on P.J. Hill

With less than 48 hours before kickoff, there is no solid word on whether or not Wisconsin stud P.J. Hill will be able to suit up and play against Ohio State on Saturday afternoon.

I've been doing some news searches for any amount of information, and nothing new has surfaced recently. Basically, my gut feeling tells me that Hill will be starting on Saturday. I think Wisky's is staying quiet on his injury as part of their game plan, and he'll be active on gameday.

Fortunately, we have Jim Tressel as our head coach and he's surely been practicing the team in preparation for the Badgers' leading rusher.

However, even if Hill suits up, the game takes on a scary outlook without their #1 RB at 100%. As I reported earlier, their #2 RB Lance Smith will not be in attendance. The words "You ain't goin' nowhere, bitch" probably were spoken the night he refused to allow his girlfriend to leave his apartment (right around the time he popped her in the mouth). The irony of the situation is that those are likely the same words spoken to Smith by the Wisconsin Athletic Department when telling him he couldn't travel with the team to away games.

With Smith watching the game from home (provided he has the Big Ten Network), freshman Zach Brown will be called upon more than ever before. Brown is as green as he can get, and he's got to stare down the NCAAs leading defense.

With all these prospects facing Wisconsin, it'd have to be a REALLY serious injury to keep Hill out for Saturday. Expect to see him with the ball 20 or more times. It's too desperate of a situation for him to sit out. If Wisky wins out, they guarantee themselves a January bowl game, and now is not the time to lose a key component.

P.S. I know I'm rehashing a few things I wrote about on Tuesday. But everytime I opened up my own page, that douchebag's picture was popping up first. I had to push him down the page.

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