Friday, November 23, 2007

BCS Championship Game still alive!

We're #3! We're #3!

Two weeks ago, we outlined a plan to get into the Championship Game.

It's getting closer and closer.

#1 LSU just lost (on their home field) to Arkansas, 50-48, setting up the possibility for Ohio State to win another championship.

ONE of these two things needs to happen, and we're in.

-Oklahoma wins the Big 12 Championship Game
-West Virginia loses to Connecticut
-West Virginia loses to Pittsburgh

Just ONE of those happens, and we're in.

Not so far-fetched, is it?


BucksInsider said...

I love this, all year long we have been hearing about how the SEC is soooo Great! What happened? Hopefully WVU gets upset this weekend, then we will be in for sure! Go Bucks!

Jeff Seemann said...

I sure hope UConn gets the win.

If they do, we know we're in as early as tomorrow night. Otherwise, we might have to wait until the Big 12 game....which would be NEXT SUNDAY!!!!

Brett said...

Man, this has been one crazy football season... But if it means OSU plays for the national title, I'm all for it!

WVU's super-fast combo of White & Slaton is not a good matchup for OSU (dang read-option!!). Thankfully, they don't play a shred of defense in Morgantown. They won't be able to stop Beanie. Come on, Oklahoma!!

Thanks for the leg up, Les! Come on back to your alma mater, so you can spend more years losing and sending us to the national title game.

itsme1 said...

Just heard on ESPN radio that if Georgia wins against GA Tech tomorrow and then beats LSU in the SEC title game that they will most likely leap from us in the final poll. That would be tragic!

Jeff Seemann said...

I doubt it, way do they let a 2-loss team jump over an 11-1 team.

What you heard was the media licking the SECs ball sack again. It's all they know how to do, and they're panicking because their entire league has 2 or more losses.