Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hart to return to Michigan for fifth year

(AP) On Saturday afternoon, Michigan Senior Mike Hart announced that he will return to Michigan for his fifth year, with the intention of finally beating Ohio State.

"I totally guarantee that you'll see a different outcome if we get another chance to play them", Hart said following Michigan's 14-3 loss to Ohio state on Saturday. Hart has failed to defeat the Buckeyes in all of Hart's four seasons.

"Their defense is nothing special," Hart said of the Ohio State team, which held the Wolverines to 91 total yards and no touchdowns.

"I'd rather lose to Appalachian State than to Ohio State", he added. Unfortunately, Hart could not recall a time when his Michigan squad defeated either team.

There is still no word if Chad Henne and Jake Long will join Hart for their fifth seasons at Michigan.

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Brett said...

Jeff, you are the funniest man alive!! Well, you and the 11W boys... =D