Monday, November 26, 2007

Why I've rededicated my blog

I've received more than a few comments and e-mails regarding the new name for The BBC. I don't approve negative or derogatory comments (nice try, all you "anonymous" Michigan fans from two weeks ago), so a lot of the "what the fuck" comments have gone into the trash bin. Those of you who understand, thanks. This post is for the ones who don't seem to understand.

Ohio State is ranked #3 in the penultimate BCS standings. We have no games left, so we're going to stay at #3 if one of the teams ahead of us do not lose. #2 West Virginia is playing Pitt, a rather weak opponent on Saturday. I don't see the upset happening there...but in this season of upsets, who knows?

That leaves Missouri at #1. They will play Saturday night at 8pm in the Big XII Championship game. If they lose, we're in. That's a fact. Their opponent is Oklahoma.

If Oklahoma wins, it puts the Ohio State Buckeyes into the National Championship. That's it. That's why I am an Oklahoma Sooner fan this week. It is for one reason and one reason get my team a chance to win a BCS Title.

Sunday morning, I will re-re-dedicate my blog, and it will be called "The Buckeye Battle Cry" once again. It will be re-re-dedicated with one of two topics;

A) "Ohio State goes to the National Championship game! Thank you, Oklahoma!"
B) "Crap! Oh, well.....Pasadena, here we come!"

If we get the help we need, I will be ecstatic. But if Missouri wins on Saturday, and we go to the Rose Bowl, it will be because Missouri earned it. Hell, my hat is off to any team that can beat 11-0 Kansas and 10-2 Oklahoma in back-to-back weeks. THAT, my friends, is a team that will have earned their shot at the title.

Finally, as for the people who have stated in my comments, on other blogs, and on various sports shows, etc etc etc that Ohio State is "backing into the BCS game" by having other teams lose....I have only this to say.

After Week 5, West Virginia was ranked 13th, and Missouri was ranked 17th. Having 12 and 16 teams lose so the Mountaineers and Tigers could climb to the you also consider that "backing in"?

No, of course not. teams that continue to win climb to the top. Teams that lose fail to achieve their mission. If LSU does not want a title so badly that they can beat middle-of-the-pack Arkansas on their own field, they they FAIL. It doesn't mean anybody "backed in" to anything, but instead it means that 117 other teams were not good enough to make the Top 2 for the final BCS Standings.

Thanks for reading. Go Buckeyes and Go Sooners!


P.S. For the benefit of the haters....."penultimate" means "next-to-last". That'll save you a headache or two.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blogs, I enjoy reading them. I just forwarded thsi to my brother, who lives in London, England...just so he's keeping up with the BCS dynamics.
Thanks, Ken

Sara said...

I recently stumbled across your blog via Halftime Adjustment. You've gained a loyal reader.

Go Buckeyes, and Boomer Sooner!