Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thumping my own chest

It's been a long time since I've even mentioned the Big Ten Bloggers Pick-Em contest. All of the Big Ten Bloggers get together once a week and pick who they think will win the upcoming weekend's contests. Gopher Nation keeps track of the results (3 points for B-10 games, 1 point for non-conf games).

It's not often that a middle-of-the-pack player thumps his chest (except for the Wisconsin defense...what was up with that?), but I'm in 7th place, and still within striking range of the championship. I'm 5 points back from frontrunner Hoosier Report, and with two weeks to go, I could still win this thing.

So here's my picks for week 11.

Ohio State over Illinois
Penn State over Temple
Purdue over Michigan State
Wisconsin over Michigan
Indiana over Northwestern
Iowa over Minnesota

It's a no-brainer to take Penn State over hapless Temple, and taking Iowa over Minnesota is likely to be an across-the-board pick. Everyone's also going to take Ohio State (except MGoBlog, who always takes OSU's opponent....nobody's ever been more ruined than Brian).

Purdue and Indiana to win are tough picks, but both should happen....neither game will be called an "upset" no matter who wins.

But since I am behind, I need to make picks that will allow me to gain ground. I have to take chances now. So I took Wisconsin over Michigan.

Let's see what happens?

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