Thursday, November 01, 2007

Common opponents

MotSaG does a weekly feature called "Data On Common Opponents". They look at the Buckeyes' upcoming game, and they forecast how we'll do based on common opponents. It's stat-based (which I love), and very insightful. I usually tend to stay away from such predictions because I hate treading on anything that a fellow blogger has created a niche for themselves within.

Sorry know I love you, but I gotta snag a segment of your DOCO this week.

Both Ohio State and Wisconsin have played MSU and PSU in 2007.

Wisconsin's defense allowed 72 points (34 to MSU, 38 to PSU)
Ohio State's defense allowed 13 points (3 to MSU, 10 to PSU)

Wisconsin's defense allowed 1,001 yards (564 to MSU, 437 to PSU)
Ohio State's defense allowed 448 yards (185 to MSU, 263 to PSU)

There's a serious advantage on the Buckeye sidelines. Let's hope they perform up to their potential against their biggest nemesis under Tressel.

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